What is SandTray Therapy?

“Art enables us to lose ourselves and find ourselves at the same time. – Thomas Merton” 

SandTray is an expressive modality for clients of all ages that uses sensory and symbolic means to safely explore the full range of self and experience. It’s a process difficult to fully comprehend in exclusively verbal, or even visual means; its power is revealed in the experiencing.

The following quote is one of the best descriptions I’ve found, it captures the key elements beautifully:

Sandplay provides an opportunity to process life experiences through a tangible, visible procedure which is both fun and intensely meaningful, both intimately revealing and symbolically concealing. The process of healing takes place while playing with the sand and figures, without the need for interpretation, verbalization or conscious awareness.– Linda Hunter, Images of Resiliency.

The name I give this work is “SandPray”, to reflect what often feels like a spiritual process. If science is more compelling in choosing your therapy, be assured that SandTray, like all art therapies,  is well supported by neuroscience.