What:  Zoominar (discussion based) Ethics Quarterly Workshops
When: First Fridays of February, May, August, November
Dates for 2021: February 5, May 7, August 6, November 5
Time: 11:30-1 pm

Cost:  $25.00 single session in 2021, $20.00 for 2nd, 3rd, 4th session in 2021

Provides 1.5 hours of Ethics CEUs.

Description:  Ethical practice is a way of recognizing and thoughtfully resolving, to the best of one’s ability, the inevitable conflicts that arise in our work. Decision making can be fraught with uncertainty, perhaps even shame, as we work through the options. Laws and codes give us some structures but relatively few clear answers for the complexities of clinical practices. 

In this discussion and experiential based workshop series, we explore the issues we’re facing, the decisions we’re making, and the implications for our practice. Simple self nurture activities are integrated to reflect the perspective that best practices require a well functioning practitioner. 

In 2021, our discussions will focus on identifying various ethical dilemmas from true case illustrations. Participants are encouraged to submit issues from their own practices that can be used to enhance everyone’s learning. Submissions can be sent to hlmaritano. Please ensure that all identifying information has been removed. 

Listed below are broad topics that will appear in our discussions for 2021: 

1. Power dynamics when sharing cases with supervisors 
2. Working with multiple members of a family system
3. Sharing cases with colleagues 
4. Social justice in therapy
5. Counter-transference and values clashes
6. Dual relationships and small town living


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